Figuring Out My Style|Livable Glam


One of the biggest things that I wanted to accomplish when I started blogging was to figure out my style.

I knew what I liked design wise, but I had no idea how to pull it together. I didn’t even know what to call my style.

Was I modern, traditional, eclectic or something else all together?

I took part in a live online course taught by interior designer Tobi Fairley on Creative Live (which is really incredible if you ever get a chance to check it out) and it was  a total aha moment for me.

After looking at a ton of pictures and figuring out which ones I was drawn to, I’ve discovered that my style is Livable Glam.

So what is livable glam? 

Glamorous meets approachable and casual is how I’d describe it.

But it’s way easier for me to show you than tell you. So take a look at this home that screams livable glam:

House Tour | Livable glam in San Clemente | District West

images via

I’m trying to inject my home with this style, since I’ve finally figured out what things I’m most attracted to.

How am I doing?

House Tour 1

Somethings don’t need to be defined. In my opinion, figuring out your style makes it so much easier to turn your home into that place you picture in your mind.

So what’s your style? Have you ever tried to figure it out? 


8 thoughts on “Figuring Out My Style|Livable Glam

  1. I agree, having a plan and a style is a must. Otherwise, I pick up things that don’t go, but that I still like. I’d say you are right on track. Now, if you could get a black and white striped rug for the middle of the room like in the first picture, I think you’d be there. It is really coming together.

  2. Love the idea of “livable glam” and I really adore the pictures you shared to reflect it. Loving your blog!

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