Doing It Myself: A New Painting with a Feminine Touch

Our bedroom is coming together piece by piece. There are a couple of pretty large and frightfully empty walls in our bedroom.

They’re screaming for art but art is not a major part of the budget right now. And I don’t want to spend major dough on something that might not fit into our forever home. So I figured out a way to add some art without breaking the bank.

Introducing the $7 poster frame:

I got this frame at Michael’s. It’s a poster frame so the sides slide off and the “glass” part of the frame is actually acrylic.

I’ve painted on the back of inserts for frames before and this one was no different.

It went through a couple of different versions before I was happy with it.

This is version 1 which I totally hated. I was going for an organic floral but it was all wrong. Even the color was wrong for the room.

This is version 2 which is getting a little warmer but still not completely there yet.

And here’s what I ended up with. I’m still deciding if it needs more tweaks or not, but this is how it’s staying for now.

I also decided not to hang it over the bed since the scale was all off. It’s going to go on an adjacent wall.

Our room right now is pretty much devoid of any feminine touches so this painting is adding just a bit. I also have a few more girly things to balance out all the masculinity in our bedroom.

I’ll be back with some better pictures of the painting once the dreariness of winter backs off a bit.

What do you think? 

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