How to Stop Dragging Your Feet and Decorate That Room Already

Welcome, folks, to a brand new month. Where on earth did January run away to?

I’m recovering from an overload of calorie-laden food from yesterday’s Superbowl (Go Sea Hawks!) and ready to get into this week. If only for one reason:

To finally finish our bedroom.

I had originally planned to “reveal” a totally finished space today. But best laid plans fail, right.

So in the wake of my inability to buckle down and make some decisions about our room, I dedicate this post to all those who have that same indecisive gene that I do.

Don’t mind the title. That little kick in the pants is for me.

For months I’ve been dreaming and pinning inspiration and planning the elements for decorating my master bedroom.

And that’s where it stopped.

There was no actual doing. The task seemed overwhelming when I stood back and looked at it as a whole.

So I had to break it down (like they used to do back in the 90s).

I wrote out a blue print on how to approach redecorating a room. Hopefully this will help you if you ever find yourself in a standoff with your space.

1. Inspiration

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I think a great place to start is with inspiration. Having a direction is vital. Even its just a color palette or an entire room, have something that gives you a jumping off point for your space.

2. Plan

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Ahhh. The part that I hate. Mostly because I’m indecisive and change my mind every other day. But its important to plan because its what’s going to keep you on track throughout the whole process. Create a floor plan, make a list of the things are you need to buy or DIY for the space. Even create a timeline to keep you on track if need be. Of course the best laid plans can fail at times, but I find that a plan is better than just winging it. Be flexible. things change all the time around here.

3. Stockpile

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At this point, I can’t go out like they do on HGTV and buy carts and carts of accessories. So I stockpile things over time that I want for the room. I’ve made a list in my plan of things that are needed so when I see that pillow on sale, I grab it up and toss it in the closet for later. You could always add as you go but I’ve found for me that It helps with a husband who can’t see my vision.

4. Remove everything

image via

For me this was the most important step because I got to see the room with a fresh perspective. With all the clutter and visual roadblocks out of the way, I could see clearly what needed to be done.

5. Execute

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This is where that plan comes in handy. A floor plan or a general idea of how you want the room put back together. Those stockpiled accessories. That time line so you’re not sleeping on the couch or eating in your bedroom for longer than you have to be. This is also the fun part where you get to make your space pretty.

Decorating a room is definitely a process, but breaking it down makes it much more manageable.

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4 thoughts on “How to Stop Dragging Your Feet and Decorate That Room Already

  1. Good luck with the bedroom! At least now you have a solid plan of action so half (if not more) of the battle has already been won. I loved this post because I believe the 5 steps you shared can be applied not only to decorating a room but to other projects as well. The ‘stock-piling’ and ‘removing everything’ may be a bit iffy in that I would have to adjust those to ‘brain storming’ and then ‘decluttering’ but otherwise, I think I’m gonna be borrowing this line of action from you! Again, best of luck. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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