The Midas Touch

the midas touch

Just call me Midas because everything I touch is turning to gold!

One of my themes for the year is focusing on repurposing what we already have.

Not only is this to save money but it really forces me to use what I have and be creative.

I’ve been working on styling these totally empty bookshelves and I was about to toss out the boxes that the girls nooks came in.

gold box before

They have some storage space (maybe they can hold all the rainbow loom bracelets my daughter has been making).

And I figured they could make some cute little boxes to adorn the shelves.

gold boxes after

So I painted those suckers gold. And I love them. They look so expensive!

gold box after 2

And while I had my finger on the gold spray paint trigger, I painted these little bud vases (that used to be spice jars) to add a metallic pop on the other side of the room.


But I wasn’t done. Oh no, I told you that spray paint had a hold on me. I also gave a dull trash can a makeover too. Now he (because aren’t all trashcans male???) Lives underneath my desk to collect all my garbage.


I think I’m done with the gold for now. Don’t want it to wear out its welcome.

Like chevron.

Have you experienced the irresistible pull of gold spray paint? Did I go overboard?

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11 thoughts on “The Midas Touch

  1. OMG, these are great ideas…I’ve been going through each room to clean house and yesterday I just noticed three of my Kindle boxes and was wonder why I was hanging onto them…Thanks. I love free projects, already have gold paint.

  2. I love the gold, it just adds the perfect sparkle and bling. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  3. My Mom laughs for I’m always spray painting something!!! Thirteen years ago it was all gold. Then rusty brown. Then silver. Now gold? What’s a girl to do?? Keep her spray paint. My old hammered gold came in useful the other day and it was a thirteen year old partial used can. Ahh The Lord provides when I want to create with a zero budget 🙂
    Love your things so much.

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