Window Shopping|Strolling through Hobby Lobby

Window Shopping

If you’ve never been in Hobby Lobby, you’re missing out. I love this place. Its a cross between Michaels and Homegoods with awesome crafty supplies AND some seriously awesome home decor. I get in there and lose all track of time looking at all the stuff.

And they ALWAYS have a sale (and a 40% off coupon at all times!)

So on my latest trip I thought I’d take a few shots of my favorite things.

hobby lobby lamps

hobby lobby baskets

hobby lobby glam

hobby lobby

Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby? Do you lose track of time in there like I do?

Want to check out some of my other window shopping adventures?

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7 thoughts on “Window Shopping|Strolling through Hobby Lobby

  1. I absolutely LOVE Hobby Lobby. They have EVERYthing a DIYer could ever want, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s always a coupon or sale to be had! I’ve even had some fab finds for clients that they just couldn’t believe came from there.

  2. I recently discovered Hobby Lobby and I absolutely LOVE it! I only go there when I have lots of time and money because I can never leave without buying something. 😉
    Just found out a Home Goods is coming so I’m really going to be in trouble!!!!

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