You Can’t Win Them All

Decorating our living room was a journey. I didn’t get it right at first. I kind of muddled through, trying to figure out how to work around our purple chairs.

I tried a couple different accent colors, discovering what worked and what didn’t.


What pieces of furniture we needed to go where and what to leave out.


Now, it’s our master bedrooms turn and I’m taking the same journey.

I started with Behr’s Seven Seas and I love it. Totally and absolutely. Just not in our master bedroom. It just isn’t working.

It took an afternoon and about $11 to paint these mirrors. And I hate them.


As much as I wanted to appease my husband and give him blue, our moody, dark wood furniture is just not letting that happen.

So I’ve decided that gray with a pop of color is going to work best for this space. It fits our style, rather than the bold blue I had in mind. I still love it and my inspiration bedroom but it’s not right for us.

Decorating has always been a journey. I make mistakes and sometimes I have gotten discouraged because of them, but it’s exciting when that room finally does come together the way I envisioned it.

I could use a whole bunch of cliche’s here to make myself feel better: Slow and steady wins the race. If first you don’t succeed, try, try again. All is well that ends well. Don’t cry over spilled milk. 

Ok, you get it.

I may be starting over, but I’m excited really. Because now I have this blue out of my system, I can focus on what’s really going to work for our room.

Do you ever have uh-oh’s when decorating? Am I the only one who gets down when a project doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it to? 



13 thoughts on “You Can’t Win Them All

  1. I was looking at the Madras Blue.. that’s a nice color… but trust me I feel your pain here.. I too am contemplating my dining room.. I just can’t figure out what to do with it.. I’m not feeling the wall color anymore, but it was expensive to paint.. (so I’m kinda stuck with it.. so now I’m considering painting the set (taking away the black..) but it’s such a dilemna..But that’s my story.. good luck with your color.. maybe a softer blue with a hint of turquoise might work with your furniture..

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I like the Seven Seas Blue, too.
    I am now on the sixth tester jar of paint I’ve ordered to paint the shop. I hate them all. I’ve read a lot on line about choosing colors and how to see the “color beneath the color” to match furniture and floors with wall colors. I am lost, so I’m no help. Maria Killam offers two ebooks to download for free on seeing the color beneath the color. After reading those, I’m wondering if it isn’t the carpet and wall color that are throwing you off. Seems like the Seven Seas goes with the furniture fine. I don’t know. I’m so confused on the shop wall color because nothing goes with anything…it is all different eras, colors, etc. Maria told me to pick a color that coordinates with the wooden floor because there is nothing else to coordinate with. Well, I’m not painting the shop ORANGE!

    • That’s awesome advice! I’m going to download that today. I actually think you hit the nail on the head. The floors and wall are way too beige for this blue. It’s a rental and we’re not going to paint so I need to read that ebook and figure out a color that works with the walls and floors. Thanks! So helpful!

      • You are welcome. There is a lot of information on that site. I hired Maria to help me choose the color and she picked the color I had it painted before I painted in grey. I should have stuck with the original. She is very good at teaching people to see color.

  3. I like the blue too. I get upset when a decorating project doesn’t work out because I’ve spent money and effort to get it done. Then I ask myself what’s more important, getting it right or putting up with it. Then I reluctantly fix it and I’m happy.

    • Yes! I totally agree. I guess I’m eager to have a nice retreat to rest in at the end of a long day. I know it takes time but I just want my vision to be executed with no hiccups!!

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