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I’m in full master bedroom mode right now. I’ve gotten a few projects done but I’m still a long way off.

There is one large, blank wall behind our door that we stare at as we lay in bed. I would love to get something on that wall.

So this weekend’s DIY inspiration is all about filling up wall space.

Hopefully I can gather enough ideas to pull something off on my own wall.

framed fabric

image via

This is a simple but pretty DIY with great results. Framed fabric seems to be a great way to inject style, pattern and color. I always drool over fabric. This is a great solution for my empty wall.

Make your own song lyric art on a large canvas. Teek: the song lyrics art is cool, but there are TONS of cool things on this site.

image via

I think adding something personal, like song lyrics that have special meaning would be perfect for our master bedroom. Too bad my handwriting isn’t so pretty.

source unknown

I love the idea of using ceiling medallions as wall art. They’re large scale and can really fill up a wall.

Yarn phrase by Jen Loves Kev. "Open up your copy of Bartlett's (or, you know, just Google) for a list of quotations, and pick your favorite. "

image via

This may be a little too in your face for me, but I love the idea nonetheless. This actually would be perfect in my girls room!

How do you fill up large blank walls in your home? 

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