How to Add Texture to Your Home | Natural Elements


I’ve been talking about how to add texture to your home all week. Tuesday was all about shiny things. Wednesday was dedicated to all things soft and fuzzy.

And today is all about natural elements.


lemon Collage

I never understood what it meant for a room to feel alive. Until I got a plant. I have a naturally black thumb so the idea of owning something that depended on me to keep it alive (something that doesn’t cry or yell it’s need, that is) was terrifying.

But I got a plant. Then another. And another.

And it’s amazing how plants can add such life to a room.


living room accessories

There’s something about wood that just adds amazing texture. The grain, the different shade, the way it evokes the outdoors. I love adding baskets and little odds and ends made of wood. Don’t forget rich wood furniture. A table, a bookcase or even a chair.



These could be lumped in with plants, but I don’t always have fresh cut flowers as part of my space. But oh boy when I do, the difference is amazing. Even easy on the pocket flowers from the grocery store go a long way.

I love incorporating natural elements into my home.

So what things are you planning to use in your home to make texture a standout? I’d love to hear your ideas!



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