How to Add Texture to Your Home | Soft and Fuzzy


The first thing I think of when decorating my home is adding color. But I think something that’s even more important than color, is texture.

Yesterday, I talked about shiny things and today I’m taking some time focusing on soft and fuzzy textures.

Now, soft and fuzzy refers to what you’d feel with your finger tips and underneath your feet. But think for a moment when you see a lush throw on the back of a chair. Your brain registers that as soft, fuzzy, warm and cozy.

These are things that add life and personality to a room.





Pillows are my favorite because there are so many options. Beaded, metallic sequins, patterned fabric, furry and fluffy, there is no shortage of style in pillows. Texture is interesting to the eye so pillows are an easy way to incorporate the element to a statement chair, a couch or a bench.


chairs, dual fabric upholstery, drapery

image via

To me, windows look naked without curtains. Curtains warm up a window and finish off the space. The texture comes in through the fabric choice. Wispy sheers, a fun pattern or a cool velvet all add a textural element to your room. I’m still working on adding curtains to all of our windows. Right now we have sheers, but I’d love to update them to a pattern.


Living Space by Daniel M. Pafford

image via

Living in a rental, adding a rug is the easiest way to ground a space with texture. Rugs can be natural, luxe or casual. Rugs not only feel great underfoot, they also are the first layer of texture. It’s not only the walls that draw our eyes to it, but also the floor. Don’t overlook an important area to dress.

Textiles are great for adding texture. Not only do they bring softness to the room, but these little touches pull the room together.

If you missed yesterday’s post, we talked about adding texture through shiny things.



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