Weekend DIY|Back in the Game


I finally got my hands on some gold spray paint and all I have to say is: believe the hype!

I feel like King Midas. Everything I touch is turning to gold. If I remember correctly that story didn’t end well!

So I’m trying to practice some restraint with the stuff so that I don’t spray paint my entire house gold. And in order to distract myself, I found some non-gold DIYs to tackle this weekend.

Trunk Cube Tables

via Making it with Danielle

With 4 Lack tables from Ikea, these cubes are pretty darn amazing. I’d love to make two of these to add to the end of my bed.

Wait.. what??? I always see sheets that I wish were curtains because they're cheaper! Hot glue ribbon tabs to turn a bed sheet into a no-sew curtain. Genius! - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

via Welcome to Heardmont

Making curtains from sheets? Brilliant and way cheaper than curtain panels. And the ribbon on the back? Genius.

via 221vision

This DIY bench looks so easy even I could do it! I’m all over the black and white striped fabric.

DIY Finials made with furniture feet #DIY #decor #shabbychic

via Teal and Lime

These DIY finials would look great styled on a bookshelf. I’m trying to add pops of white to brighten up a dark bookcase I have. This is great cheap option to add something interesting.

So what are you up to this weekend? Do you feel the same about gold spray paint as I do?

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10 thoughts on “Weekend DIY|Back in the Game

  1. Yes, I agree, that terrarium is fabulous.
    Where are you going to find a round mirror if you decide to inset it your Home Goods Find? I think you said it was Home Goods. I had the man at the glass store, show me how to cut glass or mirror and bought a German glass cutter from him. I still can’t cut glass worth a hoot. I go to thrift stores when they are having sales in the picture department and buy pictures for 1.00 or 2.00 just for the glass which I cut down when I need glass for a vintage frame. It is a lot cheaper than going to the hardware store. Right now, I have four frames that need oval glass….I won’t be cutting it and I don’t think Ace Hardware will cut round. Love the idea of using ribbon for curtain tabs…I never heard of that before, but it is genius. Why didn’t we think of that?

    • I thought I’d just grab one from Michaels, but it’s proving a bit harder than I thought to find one. I’ll be keeping my eye out. You sound like an expert glass cutter to me!

  2. I’m also on a quest to brighten up a dark bookcase (the one pictured here: http://embracemyspace.com/2014/01/03/new-year-new-goals/). I want to pack that bookcase with ALL white frames, vases, animal statues, shells. I think it will make a pretty cool statement and really make the bookcase shine. I’m also going to do a “white out” in the foyer. White walls, white wallpaper beneath the chair rail, etc! Just like everything you touch turns to gold, hehe, everything I touch lately is turning white. Somebody stop me!!

  3. I enjoy reading your DIY ideas. Perfect inspiration. I’m a huge fan of the idea of curtains from sheets. A friend of mine recently completed a similar project except she turned a fabric shower curtain into curtains. Very cool. Just followed you in Pinterest. Great boards.

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