Going On|Rainy Thursday

It’s a rainy, dreary Thursday here in Houston. It’s a curl up with a nice cup of something steamy kind of day.

I had planned to share some DIY/repurposed projects I’ve been working on, but with the skies so overcast, I can’t get any good pictures.

So instead, I thought I’d share what’s been going on around these here parts.

I found this…thing…at Goodwill yesterday. I have no idea what it is but I’m thinking maybe with a circle mirror from Michael’s it can become a small star burst mirror.

I just love the texture. What are your thoughts on the mirror idea? Would you paint it?

I saw this feather gift bag at Target and fell deeply. It’s so adorable! I’m thinking of cutting the bag and framing it as art for my girls room.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Someone please tell me they have a solution for this problem. This area drives me bonkers every time I pass it. I’d love to eventually get some type of closed storage for shoes but I’m working on using what we already have. So any ideas? Perhaps some tips on how to train my girls to actually put their shoes ON the shelf. Shhh…I’m guilty too.

I had a marvelous girls night. If you’re ever in Houston and in the mood for some delicious Mexican cuisine, try Cyclone Anaya’s. Delish.

What’s going on with you? Help me out with my shoe dilemmas. Any ideas? And yay or nay on painting my star burst thingy? 


7 thoughts on “Going On|Rainy Thursday

  1. Wow! OMG I love the “this” thing you found.. yes most definitely paint and add a mirror.. Ooooo I’m getting excited to see the finished product.. Love the pic of you for GNO.. glad you had fun…

  2. When I saw the first picture I immediately thought mirror and painting it would also be a great idea. If you don’t want to purchase anything new for your shoe storage I would suggest a basket. Only problem with baskets is you would have to search for your shoes but it would look pretty until you find another solution. Ikea does have a shoe storage cabinet that is fantastic.

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