An Intentional New Year

Happy 2014! I’m still recovering from last night’s festivities (a sparkling cider toast at midnight with the girls) but I’m eager to get this new year started off right.

This year, I’m focusing on one word as my only resolutionIntentional

Instead of writing goals this year, I’m concentrating on my intentions.

Being intentional about how I spend my time, how I interact with my girls, and how I choose to make this place a home is on the forefront of my mind this year. I know if I make goals and I don’t accomplish them, I’ll be disappointed.

That’s just me.

So making intentions just makes sense for me.

I have come up with a few areas that have many projects that I’ve been putting off for ages. I’m the type of person who needs lists and plans to keep me on track. Something I can look to frequently to recharge me and focus me.

So I wrote out a quick list of the areas that I will have an intentional focus on.


I’ll go more in depth with each of these as I go but this is where I’m starting. These are all areas that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t fully invested my time into.

With a little focus and a plan, I’m excited to tackle some things that have been driving me insane!

What’s on your agenda for the new year?


5 thoughts on “An Intentional New Year

  1. I clearly understand why you chose this word intentional…as the old saying goes, the road to life is paved on good intentions.. 🙂 going into 2014 my intentions are to revisit my exercise routine and continue with better self motivation techniques…chuckles… Here I go again with this, but I’m not going to give up.. So hopefully together we can provide some touch and go inspirations to each other..


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