Mmm Yummy: Steak Pie


When I was a kid, my mom would make this dish that we absolutely lost our minds over.

Steak pie.

Whenever I say that I get weird looks. Steak? In a pie?

Could there really be anything more delicious? I believe it’s originally a Scottish dish that my mom translated in her own way to make it a little more palatable to our American tongue.

Little known fact: I was born in Scotland!


Basically, it’s delicious beef, loads of onions, a smidge of garlic and beef consume cooked slow for hours until it falls apart. Then it’s popped into a pie crust and baked until crispy and golden.


I use store bought pie crusts because I’m a rebel (and also lazy) but here’s a great home made pie crust recipe for you.


Here’s the recipe. Enjoy!

recipeLinking up | Serenity Now


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