Window Shopping | A Walk Through HomeGoods

One of my favorite things to do when I have a few moments to myself is to walk through HomeGoods and take a look at all the aisles of goodies. Alone. As in child free

These times are rare with my three girls and a hard working husband.

But one such day occurred recently and look at all the good stuff they had. I walked through, trying to get inspiration for our bedroom, which I plan to do a little update to in January.

I loved these gold boxes. So glam. But since my husband isn’t a fan of gold, these won’t be a part of our bedroom.

I love the texture on this piece. Not exactly sure what it is though. Maybe a small side table?

I could see these in the bathroom holding extra toilet paper, soap and towels.

I’m obsessed with globes. I have yet to come across one that I can’t live without.

This candlestick is the business. Love the height. So feminine.

Marquee lights are all the rage lately, which is why I won’t be adding any to my home. I’m after a timeless, classic look in our bedroom. They’re still pretty awesome though.

I love this gray chair. It’s simple, classic and I would love to add a nice chair in our bedroom. One of the colors I’m using is gray. Surprise, surprise.

I loved that this mirror is a twist on a traditional sunburst mirror. I could totally see about three of these hanging over our bed.

I’m not into the antenna trend either but I thought these acrylic antennas were interesting.

Be still my heart. Giant gold tray.

Since gold is forbidden, this silver one will do.

I love walking the aisles of HomeGoods. I can’t wait until my room is at the point of buying accessories to dress it up. Until then, I’ll be window shopping.

What are your favorite places to window shop? Do you window shop often?


10 thoughts on “Window Shopping | A Walk Through HomeGoods

  1. Some of those things are quite nice. I’m with you on the globes. They’re such awesome learning tools. There are countries that don’t exist anymore on the very first one I got as a kid. The only place I “window shop” is BHG website and Pinterest.

  2. Thank you so much for this walk through, I have never been to HomeGoods but heard a lot about it and wondered what they really carry. I know they are in my city, just have to find them. We live far out. But I will have to go there now. Just hope their prices aren’t “too” high? Thanks for the tour!

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  5. I have been to Home Goods with my daughter and she bought three or four nice things. I can’t wait to go back after seeing your pictures.

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