4 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Decorating


When it comes to decorating my home, I hesitate to the point of being paralyzed.

I think and think and think until I can’t even make a decision. If you’re like me and need some help with trusting yourself to make your place feel like home, take a look at these simple ideas to get your confidence up.

1. Search Pinterest

Pinterest is like design manna. It’s a great starting place because there are millions of images at your fingertips. Create a board for the room you’re working on and start pinning images that inspire you. When you’re done, go back and find the common thread and start there with your design.

2. Make a mood board

Now that you have your images, create a mood board. That way you can see all your inspiration in one spot. It’s  a great way to piece your room together if you have an idea of what direction you’re moving in.

3. Jump right in

This is the one I have the hardest time with. But it makes sense because the more time you take to think about your design, the more you will begin to doubt yourself. Certainly take the time to plan and source your furniture, accessories and other materials, but don’t hem and haw over your vision. Make it happen.

4.Fall down — but get back up

Inevitably, some things just don’t work. It may be a color or your furniture arrangement. Falling down in design is part of the learning process. Now that you definitely know what doesn’t work, you can focus on what does.

Trusting yourself to decorate is the biggest hurdle of them all. Once you jump over that first one, you can tackle all your design dilemmas with confidence.

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8 thoughts on “4 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Decorating

  1. This is kind of funny because I can’t imagine being afraid of decorating. I do remember not being that interested in it, right after I hand stenciled an ENORMOUS room with a vine pattern and every leaf a different colour, but then I rented an ugly apartment while I was in college (pre-Pinterest) and bought decorating magazines like they were the holy grail.

  2. You offered very good advice…. because decorating isn’t always easy for some folks.. they don’t where or how to start.. (it’s definitely a dilemna we all face at one point in our decorating endeavors.. heck .. I’m facing it right now.. chuckles..) thanks for sharing the tidbit info

  3. My favourite: fall down but get back up! Thanks for the inspiration: these were some really cool yet valuable tips. I tend to forget the value of Pinterest so this is a timely reminder.

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