A Simple Christmas| DIY Wreath


Wreaths are that classic Christmas staple. But they aren’t cheap!

A simple Christmas for me also means not spending a ton of money on decorations.

So armed with my 50% off coupon to Michael’s, I got all these supplies for under $10.

There are no progress pictures because it went so quickly. All I did was wrap this lovely mesh/metallic ribbon around the wooden wreath form.

DSCF2140 DSCF2137


I wrapped a sash of white ribbon around the top of the wreath and used a tack to hang it behind the top of the mirror.

For now I’m loving the simplicity of the wreath with no adornments. But this wreath leaves open the possibility for embellishments for any season. I’m all about versatile decor!

Linking up: Love Grows Wild | Hi Sugarplum | DIY Dreamer


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