A Simple Christmas | Decked Halls


This year, I’m focusing on having a simple Christmas.

Normally we travel to see family with much fanfare and gifts and food and and and. So much so that if I’m truly honest, it’s been overwhelming and I lose a bit of what the season is all about.

I’m absolutely going to miss spending Christmas with my parents and sister and nephews, but there really is something freeing about not having to make travel arrangements and pack and drive.

So with all that free time, I’ve been having a blast decorating for the first real time.

Since I’m focusing on simple, I didn’t spend a ton on decorations. I used what we had, what was given and added a few new ornanments to the rotation.



I made a simple wreath. 15 minutes or less. I’ll share my process later this week.


Loving the disco ball ornaments. They reflect light beautifully.


I’m loving the simple green and silver tree.


My bleached pine cones on display.


My girls insisted on pink and I was happy to oblige.


I’m still adding a few things to my Christmas decorations around the house. I need to find the perfect place to hang our stocking since we have no mantle. And I’m spray painting and changing up a few existing items. I’m really in the Christmas spirit this year.

Are your halls decked? Any ideas where to put stockings when you don’t have a mantle? Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? 

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15 thoughts on “A Simple Christmas | Decked Halls

  1. For hanging the stockings you can use a frame with no glass, and place spray painted hooks on it for each person and hang.

    Bookcase, or coat rack would be awesome!
    Place stockings on fishing string and thread through the stocking ring hoop and place two thumb tack at desired length, along the wall,. I hope this help. By the way I love your tree. Pinecones were my favorite. I took my pinecones and painted the top half with some leftover white paint for a snow like effect!

    Well, I hope this helps. See you soon!


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