How to Style a Desk | 3 tips


One of the best parts of my desk makeover was making it work for me.

In other words the styling.

I did tons of research to figure out what I wanted and needed. In other words I spent an exorbitant amount of time on Pinterest.

I found that there are three things that should be included.

1. Something functional. Like a magazine file or a tray to organize papers.


I kept it pretty simple with a spray painted tray from Michael’s. It holds my planner, a re-purposed spice jar holding pens and a bud vase holding a fabric flower my mom made.

2. Something pretty. Fresh flowers, a candle or decorative items. 


I added another small tray with a lovely artichoke candle, and a few more spice jars (to hold paperclips).

The prints are from IKEA and I love how the colors tie in everything from the living room.

3. Something inspirational. Quotes and pictures that keep you motivated. 


Lastly, I printed out my mantra and I leave it front and center so I can see and live it everyday.

I use this area much more than I did before because its pretty and functional for me.


What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “How to Style a Desk | 3 tips

  1. I really like the idea of the contact paper.. therefore it’s wipe-able for any mistakes. The desk has a much softer more organized look..You’ve really created a space to definitely be able to live by your mantra (Which I love!) did you free-hand that or did you use a stencil?

  2. My husband put together my desk (only he remembered how it went together), literally, a night before I read your post! I like how you made three simple concepts out of “desk design”. Now, I want to find my own “something inspirational”.

      • I have a 8″ X 10″ picture frame on my desk waiting to be filled with an enlarged wedding picture of my husband and I. I am considering putting an inspirational printable in it’s place until I get things together and order a print from Walgreen’s. The wedding picture might end up being an “inspirational image” in and of itself. Other than the frame, I don’t know where else I want to put a quote because my desk is so pleasantly clean (for once). I will be working on it. You have inspired a new blog post, or two! Thanks 😀

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