A Simple Christmas| Painted Cones


This is about as easy a Christmas DIY as you can get.

My style, though it has evolved quite a bit, is pretty minimal and clean. I don’t like a lot of elaborate decorations. So this project was definitely something that fits my style.

Add to it the fact that it was done in less than 20 minutes and you have a winner.

I picked up these cardboard cones from Michael’s for about $1 and change each. Using a 40% off coupon, I think I spent less than $3 total on this project since I had the paint on hand already.

I wanted to use colors that coordinated with my current decor  and my theme for Christmas (which was gold, gray and white before my lovely daughters decided that hot pink was more fun. And before I gave in because it’s Christmas).

I gave them a couple of coats each and let them dry before they were moved to their new home.


I really love the simplicity.

Are you DIYing any Christmas decorations? What’s your theme for Christmas? 

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9 thoughts on “A Simple Christmas| Painted Cones

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