Design Sites I Love

I know I’m late on discovering these design sites but I was so excited I had to share.

You know, in case anyone else has been living under a rock like me (hi neighbor!)

The first one is dwellinggawker. I cannot tell a lie. I spent way too many hours on this site last night. I looked up and it was 1am. It totally sucked me in.

The second one I was immediately enamored with is The Design Network. Confession: we don’t have cable. We got rid of it years ago and the only thing I miss is HGTV.

I usually get my fix on the treadmill at the gym but The Design Network has totally filled that void.

There are a variety of shows and after watching more videos than I care to admit I have a few favorites.

And last but not least: Hometalk.

Hometalk is like the facebook of home decor. There’s so much inspiration to be had and great ideas get shared rapidly.

I’m up to my neck in inspiration from these sites.

Have you found any new design websites? Do you use any of the ones I love?


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