Dear Darling Daughters,

I often wonder if I’m doing this mom thing right. If I’m raising girls that will be well adjusted teenagers/adults or if I’m turning you guys into societal misfits. Do I hug you enough and tell you I love you enough?

ddd Collage

Will you come to me with your questions and your musings?  When I shush you now, do you take that to mean that I never want to hear what you have to say. Will you share with me your first crush and your fears of failure, seeking encouragement and comfort? Or will you hide your thoughts because I’m too preoccupied to listen?


There’s no instructions for this parenting thing. I’ve pretty much been winging it since the day each of you were born.ddd2 Collage

At the park the other day, I watched you all swing and I remembered each one of your first times on the swing. The joy, the excitement of something new. I look forward to each first to come for you.


One day you will all have children of your own and I hope then you will extend grace to me for my short comings as your mother because this mothering thing isn’t easy.


It isn’t easy but I’m cherishing every moment of it while you all are young. I can’t imagine my life without you . You bring smiles and laughter in the most unexpected of ways.




18 thoughts on “Dear Darling Daughters,

  1. I think we all wish there was a detailed Mommy Manual out there (I sure do) but as there isn’t parenting can become a trial and sometimes more of an error type of thing. Yet, most mommies are on the right track. We love our children even more than ourselves and do our very best in trying to do the right thing by them. Loved this honest post; your daughters are beautiful, just like their mom.

    • It’s true, Gale. I definitely have learned a lot of lessons with my girls the hard way, but they’re amazing little girls. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch. Thanks, Gale for your kind words.

  2. I often wonder the same thing and I know my parents did too. I have to trust I am doing my best and that is all I can do, my best. Your daughter looks just like my niece.

  3. Judging by the beautiful smiles, the laughter and joy I see…I would say you are definitely doing the right thing… The love shows… continue doing what your are doing… because all you really need is love… the rest comes after. 🙂

  4. Don’t you worry your pretty little head. I’m the oldest of two and through out my teenage years no one could ever convince my that my mom actually loved me. I am 23 now and she is my absolute EVERYTHING I try to tell my younger sister that but its something she has to grow an appreciation for on her own. Often I could tell her anxiety to make the right decisions with regards to us would lead her to act … in a mean way but it was always for the best. All women are born with a mother instinct and the moment you become responsible for another, that instinct is enhanced. Follow your gut and your heart. It will never lead you astray.

    Maggie A

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