The Office {Styling}

I’m starting to make some decisions when it comes to our office area. Now that the desk is getting a makeover, I’m thinking about styling the desk.

So back to Pinterest I go for some inspiration.



I love the gold, white and gray. I’m still trying to settle on a color story for the desk area and this is a top contender.

gold office supplies


More gold.

theeverygirl:    editor danielle moss’ desk


Look at this work space! So fresh and clean!


Love how clean this one is.

pretty purple home office


I always am attracted to anything in the purple so the lovely shades here really caught my eye. My husband would have a fit if I brought in anymore purple but I still am inspired by the different shades and the beautiful orchid.

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3 thoughts on “The Office {Styling}

  1. Your choice is awesome, lady. But I think for a classy office style, the first impression is the last. So, I’d vote for the very first color scheme…
    The logic may seem weird, yet I hope anyone would appreciate my aesthetic taste working far behind! 🙂
    Thank you.

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