I Can and I Will

Can do it.


Self doubt is a real thing. Especially for me.

I paralyze myself with the fear of what if rather than just taking the risk.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my husband where I heard myself making so many lame excuses for something that I truly want to do. Something that I haven’t done because I’d talked myself out of success.

It was a wake up call for me and then I ran across this quote.

I can and I will.

That’s powerful to me.

I can and I will. 

I have been repeating that to myself all day and it’s most likely going to be my mantra going into 2014 (is it too early to start making resolutions?).

I’m always my own worst critic and my own enemy when it comes to crossing those big goals off my list.

But I plan on framing this quote where I can see it every. single. day.

I can and I will. 

Do you always just go for it? Or are you like me and talk yourself out of greatness? 


7 thoughts on “I Can and I Will

  1. I recently did some research on that “little voice” within us all. The conclusion was that I am never going to listen to that voice again, I couldn’t come up with one instance, in my life, where any good came from listening to it. My sister said the voice is ego, not the voice of our soul. Whatever that voice says to me from now on, I’m going to take the opposite path. You know how our inner conversations go, “They might make fun of me, they might think I’m too fat, they may think I’m too old.” Phooey, on the little voice!

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