A Porch Makeover | DIY Garden Flag


The one area of my home that I had absolutely no plans for was the front porch.

Because it’s Fall, I felt obligated to put a pumpkin out there. And so I did. One sad, lonely pumpkin, sitting alone.

I’ve had this idea for awhile, to turn an old tap top curtain into a flag.


I grabbed my curtain and laid it out on the table. Once I figured out how large I wanted my flag to be, I cut it out.


I didn’t worry too much about making the lines perfect because it would be hemmed.


Next, I folded over my edges, making sure to line it up with the top tab.


Enter my best friend. Stitch Witchery. I don’t sew so this stuff is a life saver.


Cut it to the correct length.


I used two strips to make sure that it stayed nice and snug.


I took the time to iron all the wrinkles out at this point.

I had a ton of ideas on how to finish this flag out. Stencil, monogram, or a fun pattern.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and simplicity won out so I decided on Give Thanks.


I wrote out my words on a sheet of paper just to get the scale right.


I used a piece of chalk to write out the phrase.


I used green acrylic paint to paint the phrase.





My porch is a happier place with my new flag and the addition of a few potted plants. It even goes with my wreath that has transitioned nicely from summer to Fall.

This was such an easy and gratifying project that I plan on making a few more.

Have you ever made a flag? Do you decorate your porch for the different seasons? 

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