Doing It Myself: Weekend DIY

Happy Friday! This week has flown by in a blur and I’m super excited that it’s the weekend!

I usually try to make the most of my weekends and bust out a few DIY’s to beautify the rental.

Here’s some DIY’s I’m putting in the works:

DIY Coffee Filter Peonies.


These coffee filter peonies are gorgeous. My windowless bathroom needs these in it’s life.

Home decor on a budget!  Tin can.. Pearls.. Hot glue gun  Tre chic!


I just love how a tin can becomes glam with a string of pearls. This has a romantical {I often make up words that I think should be in the dictionary} feel and I’m eyeing this easy DIY for the boudoir.

How to make your own pillows using only fabric glue! A great (and affordable!) no-sew alternative to buying expensive pillows!


I’ve been wanting some new pillows for the couch for some time. I must admit that my mom did attempt to teach me to sew but it didn’t stick. Neither did the gardening lessons. So glue is right up my alley.

What are you DIYing this weekend?

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