The Office {Area}

We don’t have a dedicated office in our rental. There is a corner of our living room that we shoved our desk into when we first moved in and there it has stayed.

The desk is one we bought from Ikea about 9 years ago when we first got married. It is no longer our style and I’d love to change it out.

But I plan on changing this corner without spending money on a desk. I have a couple of options but I wanted to get my inspiration down so I could focus and come up with a plan.

So to Pinterest I turned. And it did not fail me.

Bright and organized.


Cute little office


Bright colored dressers and filing cabinets really brighten the room.


Love the two different fabrics on that chair! #chevron #decor #design #designinspiration #forthehome #officedecor #office




The common denominator seems to be an all white desk with pops of color. I have a couple of file cabinets that I want to incorporate because we are in desperate need of storage. I want a space that is functional and well organized.

So that’s my mission for November. It’s long overdue.

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7 thoughts on “The Office {Area}

  1. I have an office in our rental and omg, I need decorating HELP. I have a desk in here that I hate but don’t really want to buy another. It’s the kind with the metal legs. I’ll definitely be checking back to see how you pull off the redesign of your space. πŸ™‚

  2. I just painted a chalkboard wall in my home office and it made a HUGE difference, plus it is really fun to play with and constantly draw on and redesign. If you don’t have a separate room, maybe consider painting a section of the wall and then framing it, or even painting the backboard to a large frame with chalkboard paint and hanging it up somewhere near the desk. In the past, I’ve also purchased large sheets of cork board from Hope Depot and covered them in fabric for a fun DIY bulletin board that pops. That will definitely bring some color into your room! Good luck! Can’t wait to see how it turns out πŸ™‚

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