Weekend DIY Pinterest Round-up


My weekends are usually packed to the brim with activities, birthday parties and all the DIY projects that I need a little muscle power (aka my husband) to help me with.

I’ve started a board on Pinterest to keep up with a few projects I want to tackle over the weekend.

Steps for painting a file cabinet

||via pinterest||

I have an ugly file cabinet just begging for a makeover. We could really use the storage but it needs a major face lift.

neutral dot napkins❤

||via pinterest||

I love the simplicity of these hand painted linen napkins. I have an idea to do something similar, just not napkins.

pompom flowers

||via pinterest||

I have some left over yarn from my DIY wreath that I want to make some really cute yarn pompoms with. This would be a perfect craft to do with my girls.

What are you planning on this weekend? Do you save the weekends to tackle big DIY projects? 

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5 thoughts on “Weekend DIY Pinterest Round-up

  1. I have a large steel filing cabinet that I have to make-over, also. I have been putting it off for ages and I just realized why as I was typing this. I am not looking forward to sorting out all the paperwork inside. I am actually thinking of doing the spray paint through the doilies bit…making it look like lace in just some areas. Big job – it is huge!

  2. Hmm, my filing cabinet could use a makeover too, but I’ll have to wait until spring now so I can take it outside to paint it. I think I’ll make pom poms for my kids today, I think they’d love it, thanks for the idea!

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