Doing It Myself: Making the Most of Grocery Store Flowers

flowr Collage

I have never really been a flower person.

Mostly because no one (ahem, ahem) ever bought them for me. 

Revelation: I can buy flowers for myself!

The other day while I was in the grocery store picking up a few odds and ends, I stopped to check out the flower selection and because I didn’t want to spend a whole lot on flowers, I picked up these mini carnations.

Carnations are kind of the red-headed step child in the flower realm, but they’re cheap, easy to make arrangements with and they’re cheap!  So for a mere $3.49, I was on my way with a bunch of mini carnations.

I’ve NEVER made an arrangement of flowers so this was my first foray into taking them from the random bunch to an actual vase or bowl full of blooms.

I’d seen pin after pin on Pinterest detailing how to arrange grocery store flowers. I took some of the tips and tricks and got to work.

I’d been dreaming about filling my thrifted chartreuse bowl with flowers since I brought her (yes her) home a few weeks ago.

I didn’t have any plain scotch tape on hand (which I’m definitely going to make sure to have next time I do this) so I used painter’s tape. I made sure to cover all the blue up with flowers.

First, I filled the bowl halfway with water, then added the painters tape in a grid across the bowl.

I only had a handful of the carnations to work with and i wanted to spread them out across a few vases so I grabbed my scissors and gave one of my bushes a hair cut.


I don’t have any in progress pictures because I must admit: I loooove making flower arrangements and I may or may not have gotten totally wrapped up in the process.


These bud vases are actually a couple of spice jars that I never use. Bam! Repurposed.

And if you look really closely, you can catch a glimpse of my $2 Ikea clock that I upgraded.


The chartreuse bowl filled with blooms. I loved that there were some buds that hadn’t bloomed yet.



Fresh flowers (no matter how cheap!) can really add a ton of character. I love how my $4 investment livened up our living room. And my husband even commented on their beauty.

And these puppies have some great longevity. This was done over a week ago  and they still look fresh!

Do you use grocery store flowers? What’s your go-to bloom? 

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12 thoughts on “Doing It Myself: Making the Most of Grocery Store Flowers

  1. I have learned to buy myself flowers at the grocery store too! I like to get daisies. We lived in Germany for a couple of years and my favorite budget flowers to buy there were tulips. I could get 10 for about $3 or $4 depending on the exchange rate. I guess they were inexpensive and so available because we were one country away from The Netherlands.

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