Going On| Little Lemon Seeds

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September Four

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lemon Collage

My little lemon seeds that I planted a few months ago are all grown up.

It took a few weeks for them to bloom, but once they did, they grew pretty quickly. They add a nice touch of green to the room.

I have an unusually black thumb, but I’m gaining courage and even bought a tree for my living room area.

I’ve been bitten by the plant bug.

They add so much to a room and totally finish off a space.

Do you have a black thumb like me? Or are you a plant whisperer? Do you use plants in your decor?


12 thoughts on “Going On| Little Lemon Seeds

  1. OOOooooo….I bet these will be so fragrant. MMmmm….I can’t keep plants. I’m so terrible. I have the simplest plant here by my computer, a succulent, and it’s dying. I suck! I wish I was able to plant a lemon plant. I love the vase it’s in as well.

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  4. I’m not terrific with plants, but like you, I really like them! Right now, I’m growing bird seed. LOL! For lack of anything better. One of these days I”m going to buy some grass seed and having my own dinner plate sized “lawn.” (I live in an apartment.)

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