pear CollageThe theme of my Fall seems to be re-imagining things that are already in my home.

So far, I’ve turned wine bottles into pottery and today I’m showing you my pear.

I have a slight obsession with pears. I don’t know where it came from or when it started but I just love the color and the shape. This is the third pear that I have as decor in my home.

I found this diamond in the rough at Garden Ridge on sale for $1.48. I grabbed it with the intention of painting it the same color as the lamp I painted.

And I’m so glad I did.


The scrolly design is totally not my aesthetic. And I really dig pears being the color of pears. New Avocado spray paint to the rescue. pear1

A few coats and 24 hours later, my pear had a new life.


There was a time when I would walk right past things that didn’t fit into my style. It’s such an easy thing to paint something or alter it to mesh better.

I have never been a collector, but I think I may have a little collection going on.

Do you collect anything? Do you paint/alter things that don’t quite fit into your style?


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