6 Ways to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home


We have lived in our rental for a year now. Having just resigned our lease for another year, I’m more determined than ever to make it feel less…rental-ish.

Living in a rental has its drawbacks when it comes to decorating. Some places don’t allow you to paint or install things and definitely no major renovations, obviously, and sometimes that really kills the inspiration.

The first four or five rental homes we lived in, I did very minimal things when it came to decorating and making the space feel like home. I felt stifled by the cold, white walls. I felt limited in what I could do. But the last home we rented, I realized that I could transform those white walls with a few very easy tips.

1. Add color

gold leaf 3





This may seem obvious to some, but adding color doesn’t just mean through paint. Color can be added to a room in many ways. Try a pop of color with throw pillows. Use color in art work and accessories. Use colorful window treatments or even paint a large piece of furniture to add color.

2. Try a gallery wall


This is the easiest way to cover an expanse of white on the walls. It brings in that personalization that rental homes lack and adding photographs or items that mean something immediately give that feeling of home.

3. Rugs and textiles

kitchen rug

Most of the rental homes I’ve lived in have either had carpet or hardwoods. Rugs and be layered on top of both to add warmth, color and texture. I love rugs because they can be moved from space to space and they  can visually ground a space. Also, layering in colorful throw blankets and pillows add that instant pow to a room. Flex your DIY muscles with this easy hand painted tea towel to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

4. Plants and flowers


This last one scared me for years. Every plant I got my hands on died almost instantly. Brown leaves aren’t as appealing as green ones. After carefully studying the care instructions, I’ve successfully had a plant for almost a year now and have just added an orchid to the mix. The life that plants bring to a room can’t be matched. Try adding a plant for that final touch on a room.

5. Make it smell good

Air Wick DIY

I light candles all the time. There’s just something about a candle that instantly makes a room feel more inviting. I also use Air Wick plug ins  (I even DIY’d them!) in almost every room. I love smelling the different fragrance as I move from room to room.

6. Organize, organize, organize

shelf storage

Nothing makes a place feel less serene than a bunch of clutter. Have a place for everything and create systems that work for you. Do you need a landing pad in your entryway? Create one. Do you need an office space? Carve out one. Make your rental work for you.

Home is more than an address. It’s a feeling. And while we’re in this transition time before we buy a forever home, I’d like to feel settled. These simple tips help to make our temporary space feel a little more comfortable.

What things have you done to add color and texture to an otherwise bland rental space? Do you have any tips to make a rental feel like home?

Looking for more ideas? Take a look at some other DIY projects:

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9 thoughts on “6 Ways to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

  1. Excellent tips that I haven’t heard a hundred times before. They’re all new. I’m doing some of them although not to the artistic degree that you do, probably because I’m not an artist. But boy oh boy can I do the organizing thing!

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