Forever Home Dreaming|The Lady Cave

Every now and then, I let my mind wander to our forever home.

How I’ll decorate, the new furniture I’ll buy, what rooms are an absolute necessity.

At the top of my list is a lady cave. Which is the opposite of a man cave. It will be my grown-up playroom. Where I go to relax, work and just be in my own space.

I’ve even dedicated a whole board to it on Pinterest. I’ve pinned quite a few images that have me itching for our forever home.

Society Social’s Newest Arrivals | Rue|via|

"20 Weekend Projects Under $20"

|via BHG|

Home Tour with Devon Dyer of / Photographed by Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide


light romantic home office

|via pinterest|


|via pinterest|

Spearmint Decor found this gold Chinese garden stool to add some zing to her living space!


An over-sized, globally inspired element like this Moroccan pierced ginger jar from HomeGoods is a surprising addition to this coffee table. Contributing designers may receive compensation.

|via pinterest|

window treatments


All my inspiration pictures are super girly and filled with pink and gold. I can’t wait to decorate a room just for me!

Have you ever thought about a lady cave? What would you do in your very own space?

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12 thoughts on “Forever Home Dreaming|The Lady Cave

  1. I’ve already got a lady cave in our rented house and it is indeed a cave. I’m in the last basement room, beside the furnace scrapbooking on an ironing table, which, thank God, I decided not to leave behind when we moved despite it being so old. I’ve organized this room for maximum proficiency but until we buy a house, I’m not going to buy furniture for this room. I’ll be like you, designing the perfect space once I’ve got the space. Of course, if I got that pink chair my daughter would never leave.

  2. I love the idea of a lady cave! I have always thought my forever home would have my office/studio/craft room….I’ll just call it a lady cave and that will free me to do whatever I want in there! Thanks for the inspiration!

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