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When I was growing up, my mom LIVED in thrift stores. And I hated it with a passion.

The time she took looking at what I then thought was junk was excruciating. And the smell. Thrift stores have come a long way. Or maybe I just grew up and realized that the treasures that can be discovered in thrift stores is amazing!

Today, I popped some tags.

I’m still in accessorizing mode for the living room’s brand new TV console (stay tuned for that reveal), so I picked up a few items to help liven up the space.


This chartreuse bowl is everything. It’s my accent color and it’s the perfect size. Bigger than a cereal bowl and perfect for planting succulents. And for $2.99 is was also the perfect price!

Next up was this vase. I envision it with some hydrangeas flowing from the top. It’s going to be so lovely.

This canister is actually for the kitchen. I’m loving white porcelain lately. I can see this sitting on my counter top holding goodies.


My last find was this basket. I’ve been saving some glass bottles for some unknown future project. Can’t wait to spray paint this basket and fill it with the bottles. I’m not sure, but it will probably live in the kitchen. I’ve been trying to find things to adorn the top of our cabinets. This is perfect!

There were a few things I left behind that I wish I had snagged. Oh well, that’s the beauty of the hunt. I know next time I go, I’ll find some more great treasures.

Have you been thrifiting lately? Find any treasures? 

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28 thoughts on “Accessorizing|Thrift Store Goodies

  1. I love reading your blog.. I, too, LOVE thrift stores/second hand shops as we call them over here in England.. I adore anything I can get for cheap/free and upcycle to turn into something that looks shop bought!

  2. Oh you’re speaking my language here! Although I haven’t bought thrift store stuff since the planters for the entry way, I’ve been sprucing up previous thrift store purchases with paint to make them pretty, useful and matching around the house. Just one year ago we couldn’t even afford a can of spray paint to make something pretty and now we can so I’m going to town with that one.

    I love to see your ideas and uses for reusing things since I’m very new at it.

  3. So funny..I just left a the goodwill store..I didn’t luck up with any home goodies but I did get 5 music CDs fire 5.00…which I was pleased with..listening to one on the way home now 🙂

  4. My mamma took me thrifting from day 1 and I have always loved it. I still get 2/3 of my everyday clothes from thrift stores, and I even kinda love the smell (just because I associate it with good things!) They’re the best for cheap large picture frames and candlesticks and that kind of thing.

  5. I’m so glad I came across your blog. Love your style. I wouldn’t have thought to plant succulents in the bowl. Thanks for the inspiration and great finds. I’m a huge fan of thrift stores. While sometimes it’s hit or miss, there’s nothing like finding a quirky, interesting piece for under $5!

  6. Ha! You crack me up. I was the same way shopping with my mom. I couldn’t stand it. Luckily my daughter enjoys them just as much as I do. My son on the other hand can’t be bothered. I love the goodies you came home with!

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