Doing it Myself: Pop of Color Lamp Makeover

lamp Collage Spray painting a lamp is a right of passage for a home decor blogger. And I felt it was time for me to take the plunge and spray paint my first lamp. This lamp was a Goodwill steal.

(It’s mate is waiting for it’s turn at a second life)

I have to confess something about myself. I don’t take risks. I’m a play it safe kind of girl. I was going to paint this lamp white. Because white is classic and safe, right?

I stood in Lowe’s,  my toddler screaming in the cart, trying hurriedly and desperately to make up my mind. Classic white, heirloom white, glossy white, or matte white.

Then my eyes gravitated to my favorite shade of green. The same green that just happens to be in my brand new living room color scheme.

I threw caution to the wind and threw it in the cart.

The lovely Valspar shade of New Avocado. Because old avocado just won’t do.

Full disclosure: This was my first time spray painting anything substantial. And since instant gratification is the name of my game, I may be addicted to spray painting now. I learned several thin coats work best. Also, don’t spray too close. That’s how drips happen. And lastly, don’t spray in your yard if you have a ton of little gnats flying around. I was picking spray painted bugs off my lamp for quite awhile.

I found the shade at a furniture outlet store for $3! I love the pop of color that it adds to this corner of the room.

It’s amazing how one little lamp can totally change the feel of a room.

So what about you? Are you classic and stick with neutrals? Or do you go for that pop of color?

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25 thoughts on “Doing it Myself: Pop of Color Lamp Makeover

  1. I love neutrals but when it comes to accessories I love the pops of color, they add a nice touch to any space! 🙂 love the new avocado and wow! your lamp looks great in it and you got it at an amazing price! 🙂

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  3. I have been covering drum lamp shades like yours with spray adhesive and fabric (super easy) but I never thought about painting the base…I’ll be trying that as I often have the need of a pop of color in my antique shop but don’t want to buy 20 different lamps. Thanks!

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    • Thanks! I found a link for you that does an excellent job explaining how to pick the right shade :

      Hope that helps!

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