Out with the Blue

livingCollageI’ve been busy totally changing the colors in my living room.

I think I may have decorating ADD.

Awhile ago I fell in love with this pillow and it’s colors.



I immediately started buying up accessories in this color palette and even made two paintings featuring the color.


But I didn’t like it. It clashed.

The purple chairs were standing out like a sore thumb with such another loud color next to it.


So when I found this pillow and fell in love for the second time, it all started to come together in my mind.

Decorative Pillow: plum,  green, purple, and taupe


And so we go from this:


To this:

It’s a much more (dare I say it) sophisticated palette that works with the purple people eaters (my affectionate nickname for our ginormous purple chairs). It’s muted and toned down. And I like it.

There are still a few blue accessories that I’m relocating, since my bathroom is in that color palette.

My gallery wall is coming together. I’m planning to add these floral prints to the wall next.

KORT Art card IKEA Motif created by Sandra Jacobs.


I finally feel positive about the direction my living room is headed. Hopefully this will be a long term change!


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