30, Lets Do This!


It’s my birthday and today I am 30.

In all honesty, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I think the word dread would be a more accurate description of what I was feeling.

But then something happened. An epiphany if you will. I am blessed beyond measure. I’m so grateful to see another year.

So what I can’t sprint the way I used to. Or stay up all night and still function the next morning. So what I can no longer digest Taco Bell anymore.

I have an amazing husband, 3 beautiful daughters and friends who love me.

I am ready to embrace my 30s. They’re pregnant with possibility. I’m excited.

So 30, lets do this!


15 thoughts on “30, Lets Do This!

  1. Just reading this post.. Happy Birthday to you.. enjoy your 30’s – wonderful time because you still have youth and experience to make you proceed into your 40’s with sound judgement. Live it up! Enjoy all there is…

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