All In a Month| August Recap


August literally flew by in a blur. Summer ended, school started, we celebrated a birthday and I barely remember any of it!

I did, however, manage to get creative in the month of August.

Just in case you missed it, I’ve made it easy and put the highlights all in one spot.

My favorite project of August was my Target Inspired Feather Art

gold leaf 3

I had my very first blog series, Dress Those Walls where I created art for my boring, bare walls


I really got into painting:

colorful abstract painting

Did I mention I got into painting?


I covered an old, tired cork board with a random left over curtain and thumbtacks


Painted a pair of crates.


Made a chalkboard out of a grungy old dry erase board


Did some baking with the World’s Easiest Coconut Pie

coconut pie

And whipped up a yummy summer pasta salad

summer pasta salad


5 thoughts on “All In a Month| August Recap

  1. I really like this summary post. It gives new visitors (like me) an overview of your blog topics. Man, that pasta salad looks good!

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