Decor by Number

Kinda like painting by numbers…only not. I was perusing my recent pins on Pinterest, and I noticed a trend. Numbers. Lots of numbers. I have discovered something about myself. I like numbers. Which is mind blowing because I swear my 15 year old self sitting in algebra class hated numbers with a passion akin to nothing else.

But apparently numbers, big and graphic. I like. A lot.



Spray-painted yellow and topped with plywood, three Goodwill filing cabinets

|via pinterest|

White Wall Solutions: Oversized Artwork Renters Solutions | Apartment Therapy

|via pinterest|

number art

|via pinterest|

cute little plates


Create a simple numbered plate display and hang them with this inexpensive DIY trick! #diy #plate

|via Love Grows Wild|

Hallway/ Entry

|via pinterest|

ideally, someday I'd like something like this near the kitchen as a homework station for backpacks, books, resources, oversized projects, etc.

|via pinterest|

How do you feel about using numbers in your decor?


5 thoughts on “Decor by Number

  1. I love numbers and big, graphic type. I’ve thought about doing something similar with a large, graphic G for our last name as some wall art for our bedroom. I’ll be excited to see what you come up with if you make a project out of it!

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