Living Room Finishing Touches with JCP

finishing touches Collage


I have been dreaming about adding the finishing touches to my living room for awhile now. Our main living area has come a long way, but it’s those last little details and pieces that I know are going to make it feel finished.

Now, this is not a sponsored post, I just love JC Penney. It was my mom’s choice to shop for almost all of our clothes. Back then, their home decor was lacking and pretty old fashioned. They have done a total upgrade and I love their selection of home decor items.

Our living room is missing a couple of key pieces. Side tables and more substantial lighting being the two major things. I love the sleek look of the Jonathan Adler Lamp. And the side table also happens to be Jonathan Adler. I guess I’d have to say that I’m pretty drawn to his pieces.

I really can’t wait to finish my living room and add the pops of color and larger pieces that will make it feel complete. And I think a trip to JCP is necessary.

Are you loving anything from JC Penney? What do you think of the Jonathan Adler collection?


6 thoughts on “Living Room Finishing Touches with JCP

  1. I am not usually a JC Penny shopper, but I walked through there the other day and was pleasantly surprised. They really did overhaul their store; they’ve got some sleek home goods in there now!

  2. I really love Jonathan Adler’s collection too! πŸ™‚ unfortunately here we don’t have JCP, I am loving the lamp and side table too! πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about missing accessories to make a living room feel complete, I am still missing a few myself but it takes time πŸ™‚ hope you will be able to go and shop to JCP very soon! πŸ™‚

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