Goings Ons| Around the House

We are deep in the midst of prepping for back to school. Next week!

We have been living up every last minute of summer. Late evenings spent running around outside, using up that last pack of sidewalk chalk and one more bottle of bubbles.

photo (4)

Not to mention a birthday we have on Saturday.

photo (5)

And family night out at the movies.


So things have been pretty hectic around here.

Still, I have managed to sneak in a few projects. Albeit small projects, they make me smile when I see them.

I had my topiary obsession going on strong awhile back, and I’ve added some topiary-esque greenery to my painted pot. I love the fresh pop of green. And I scored it for less than $1 at Hobby Lobby.

topiary1 topiary2 topiary3

I also added much needed pretty storage to my bookshelf. It was a disaster area with kids books, toys and just random things overflowing from it.


I pared back on the books, relocated the kids books and toys and added a small storage bin to corral the diapers and wipes. It’s working for me.

shelf storage

And we had a teeny tiny problem of never being able to find one of our 3 remotes which renders the TV inoperable. In an effort to head off this annoyance, I made their new home this cute little flower pot I picked up at Michael’s awhile back for $1.


Though I haven’t had the time to make any huge changes, the little things are making me smile today.

I am seriously excited about the girls being back in school (though I’m going to miss them) because I have so many projects that I just couldn’t get to with them home. I can’t wait to get started on all my ideas.

What have you been up to? Have you added any little things to your home that make you smile?


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