Dear Darling Daughters,


The summer sun is high in the sky. Weather man says its going to feel like 109 today. But you beg to go outside and play, so I comply. Your persuasion skills are progressing the older you get. It’s hot and to cool off, we wash the car.

photo (1)

Micah dives in, filling the bucket with water, all too happy to be in the lead. You hand out the sponges and designate which area everyone is to wash. You are a marvelous helper, making sure every nook and cranny of the van is sparkling. You even help the baby when she dumps the entire bucket of water on herself. I couldn’t have asked for a bigger helper, a sweeter, more generous daughter. My heart fills with joy to watch you grow.

photo (2)

Devin, you shock and surprise me as you bend down and clean the intricate rims of the tires. Normally, one to shy away from work, you thrust yourself wholeheartedly into cleaning those tires. I marvel as you display razor like focus on those wheels. I am proud of you. Your focus is short lived and you soon scamper away to play in the sandbox. But I love your creativity and your ideas. One day you’re going to blossom into a beautiful young lady with so much style. I can’t wait to see what you become.

photo (3)

And my baby, Avery. I smile as I watch how much you’ve grown. At not even two, you are impressive. No one needs to tell you what to do. You take your assignment from sister and get to work, buffing the van in circles like a pro. I can’t help but laugh when you reach up to wipe your face and give yourself a beard with suds. At the end of it, you are soaking wet and full of glee. I’m amazed that you and I hold whole conversations. You are independent, putting on your own shoes, your own panties. Requesting a cup instead of a sippy cup. You love your sisters and want to spend all your time with them. It’s hard to believe that only two short years ago, you weren’t even part of our family yet.

Time passes so quickly and I don’t take the time to sit and enjoy you girls in the moment. I want to remember these minutes and seconds that slip away before I can even realize that we’ve had them. The quiet times that we spend reading stories and listening to Kidz Bop. Watching you three run in the park and thinking that one day I’ll be sitting at your sports games cheering you on.

One of these days, I will be looking back on when you girls were seven, five and two and want these times back. I don’t want to forget a single second of being your mother.


9 thoughts on “Dear Darling Daughters,

  1. Awww, this is so heartwarming. Beautiful post and gorgeous girls. Yes, soak up every second with them. I almost cried today when I realized how quickly my boys are growing up…

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