Dress Those Walls: A Home for Now Blog Series


I have been on a mission lately to dress my bare rental walls.

It all started with my Target Inspired Feather Art and now, my other walls need some dressing up too.

As a renter, usually, transforming a space with paint and more permanent fixtures is out. So a little creativity is needed to really take walls from empty to full of character and color.

My goal is to fill my walls with pieces that I love and really, things that I have created. Why? Because it makes me happy.

I’ve pretty much always created art for my wall, but my timidity in decorating left my creations a little blah and my more colorful attempts came out a little juvenile.

So I’m on a mission to not only dress my walls, but to elevate the quality of my creations.

I’ll bring a new idea everyday (starting Monday, August 12), showing you my process of dressing my walls.

So are you in? Join me next week as I put some character into my home for now!

(August 12-17)


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