Doing It Myself: The Crate Debate


I debated long and hard about these crates.

To stain or not to stain.

Paint. What color?

Should I add casters or upholster it.  Should I add a decal, cute numbers, our last name.


Crate from Michael’s $8 with coupon

In the end, I stayed true to myself. My aesthetic is pretty plain. I like things that I won’t tire of quickly. I like things symmetric and if something was off, it would drive me crazy.


So I painted my crates gray. A nice shade that doesn’t compete with anything else in the room. They serve their function, to hold pillows and blankets.


2 different colors of gray, mixed

Maybe at a later date (playroom makeover???), I can do something fun with crates. But for now, I’m totally satisfied with my simply painted crates that live on the bottom of my shelf.


With so much placed upon creativity and being different, I wanted to make sure to stay in my lane. Life and making our place feel like home isn’t a competition. I don’t need to put something in our home that I don’t love just for the sake of creating something new, trendy and exciting that the world will praise.


I thought about my family’s needs and what I wanted to look at every day. It may not be the most interesting project but it’s one that I’m proud to have done.


How do you handle staying true to your style? Have you ever made anything you didn’t truly love just because it was trendy?


10 thoughts on “Doing It Myself: The Crate Debate

  1. Awesome colour choice, they blend right in and look sophisticated. I’ve never made anything just because it was trendy, but I have made things that didn’t turn out, used them for a bit, then took them apart because it drove me nuts.

  2. I think you made a great choice with the grey paint on the crates. I love doing neutrals o the things that are harder to switch out, while doing color on the easier things (like art, pillows, throws). It makes my life simpler. Which I’m gravitating to more and more these days. Well done!

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