Mmm Yummy: Weeknight Macaroni and Cheese

macandcheesetitle Macaroni and cheese is one of those things that I normally reserve for  weekends, special meals and holidays. I don’t usually pull out the homemade macaroni and cheese recipe on a week night. And almost never on a Monday night.

But I’m no longer afraid of macaroni and cheese on a weeknight. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be as complicated as I’ve made it in the past. I have a quick and easy mac and cheese recipe that can be thrown together in a little longer than it takes the pasta to boil. And it’s delicious.

The lineup:

milk, pasta, cheese, eggs and butter (salt & pepper not pictured)

milk, pasta, cheese, eggs and butter (salt & pepper not pictured)

This really is easy. First, boil the pasta in salted water. Any shape will do but I had penne on hand macandcheese5 Once the pasta is boiled (al dente), drain and pour into a large bowl. Immediately add butter to the steaming pasta. macandcheese2 Next add the cheese, making sure to do this while the pasta is still very hot as you want the cheese to melt. macandcheese4 Mix the cheese in well, then add the milk. Give it another stir and then add in the egg, making sure to incorporate it well. macandcheese6 Throw in a little extra cheese for cheesiness’ sake. Give it a little taste and add salt/pepper to taste. macandcheese8 Transfer the well mixed pasta into your baking dish. macandcheese9 Top with even more cheese and bake on 350 for 15-20 minutes. A nice cheesy crust should form on the top and it will be bubbling deliciously. This is how you will know it’s done. macandcheese10 Remove from oven and devour.

mac and cheese recipe Collage


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