Loving Lately: Painting

After my kiddos go to bed, I break out the two things I can’t have when they’re awake. Wine and paint. Lately, my creativity has been demanding that I paint things. And so I oblige. Here’s what I tackled last night.

Glass of wine + paint = my kind of night

painted flower pot

Painted flower pot. Trying to inject a bit more gray into my living room decor.  Planning to use this to make a topiary (check out my topiary inspiration)

diy ikat painting

My first Ikat-esque painting attempt

diy ikat painting

Almost finished

I got a few shots of the finished painting but I’m not convinced. This one will probably be shelved, but I love that I got to get some painting done. One thing I am loving is the color combo.

DSCF1455 DSCF1453 DSCF1448

Kind of reminds me of this gorgeous pillow that I pinned as inspiration for a color palette:



Have you been up to anything creative lately? What makes your creative juices flow?


4 thoughts on “Loving Lately: Painting

  1. I love spraypaint!! It makes everything better:) My last project was buying two $5 baskets from Ikea and painting them pink then dipping them in gold at the bottom. I use them to hold all my daughter’s stuffed animals.

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