Doing it Myself: Framed Peacock Art

Peacock Collage

This has to be the easiest Doing It Myself project of all time. It took all of two minutes and the only supplies I needed was scissors.

On my recent trip to Michael’s, I made out with a lot of cute items but my favorite out of the whole lot was this peacock scrapbook paper for two whole dollars.


The colors of my living room are inspired by peacocks so this fit right into my decor. I wanted to do something really simple with this shimmery, beautiful paper. So while I was at Michael’s, I picked up a frame for less than $3.


All I did was cut out a piece of the peacock paper and pop it into the frame. So easy but it packs a ton of visual impact.





We went to a local park here and we actually saw a peacock. These pictures don’t do it a bit of justice because I had the camera on some weird setting. But here’s the peacock in all it’s peacocky glory.



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