Weird Obsession: Topiaries

I’m not sure when or why this obsession with topiaries began, but I’m going to try to fully embrace it. Now, topiaries have always screamed traditional and stuffy to me, but here lately, I’ve been really enjoying the texture and life that they add to a room.

I haven’t added any to my arsenal yet, but I have several places that are calling for these round orbs of leaves. So as of late, I’ve been on the hunt for some and a few have caught my eye.

Collections instantly elevate anything. Even topiaries.



And who knew you could DIY a topiary. These are gorge.



Here’s another pretty fabulous DIY for moss topiaries from the Liz Marie Blog. I love the double decker topiary.



And these. These are the perfect accent piece.


Topiaries in candle sticks??? I’m in love.



I’ve seen so many topiaries at Homegoods and at Hobby Lobby just ready for the picking but I have walked past them every single time. No longer. I’m totally on the prowl for some handsome topiaries to come home with me.

How do you feel about topiaries? Do you decorate with them?


6 thoughts on “Weird Obsession: Topiaries

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  2. Love topiaries. Not hedges shaped like swans but sweet balls of herbs and box. I think I like them because they’re both natural and disciplined, kind of like bonsai. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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