Pattern Love: Beehive, Hexagon, Honeycomb

Beehive, hexagon, honeycomb. Whatever you want to call it, it is the new chevron. Chevron has seemed to have run it’s course and is slowly being replaced with hexagon.

I’ve been seeing this pattern all over the place and I love it. It’s everywhere.

My all time favorite has to be this wall treatment from Vintage Revivals.

Honeycomb Hexagon Wall @ Vintage Revivals-2[2]


Here’s another great hexagon wall treatment from Corrina Ashley.


Here’s a great one from Adventures of an Almost 40 year Old Intern. This room looks so cozy and livable. I just stumbled across this blog and I’m really loving it.



These curtains from ZGallerie can come live in my house any day.



I even got in on the trend a little. This vase is from Target and it lives in my kitchen holding my utensils.

DSCF1280 DSCF1281 DSCF1287

I love this pattern and hope it has some longevity. Are you loving the hexagon pattern?


10 thoughts on “Pattern Love: Beehive, Hexagon, Honeycomb

  1. Michelle, I have to say patterns are not my favorite design…But the pattern on the walls and lamp in the second or third picture are sort of cancelled (not sure that is the right word) by the solid white bedspread. Now I can live with that. .

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