Doing It Myself: Art

It’s no secret that I like to paint. I love creating. But that doesn’t mean that I get it right. Most things are always a work in progress as my style continues to shift and change.

That’s how this little art piece got a makeover. artbefore

It started as a painting with a series of dots. When I painted it, it had no destination and it ended up in my upstairs bathroom. It matched nothing and was really terrible. Blues and golds on a white background. Not great.


My bathroom got a mini makeover this week, which meant that this painting had to get a makeover too.

Enter the paint:


I added a lot more gray to the picture and my only goal was to to completely cover the white and most of the gold. I also painted out the wooden frame to black.  Here’s what I ended up with.

diyart4 diyart3 diyart1 diyart5

I can’t promise that it’s going to stay like this. Most likely it will change as often as my whims. But for now I like it.

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