Bathroom Update

We have a run of the mill, itty bitty rental bathroom. Now I can’t do anything drastic to change this bathroom and make it prettier, so I added a few things to warm up this windowless room. I have a vision in my head of a spa retreat when we finally buy our forever home, but until then I guess I just have to make it work. I also must mention that this bathroom (with it’s no windows and tinyness) is almost impossible to photograph.


Before – Bland and Blah Bathroom

This bathroom is the epitome of builder boringness. That hideous wood vanity that is way too small to hold anything of significance. The blah laminate floor. The blah beige walls. Just blah.

Before - Bland and Blah Shower Curtain

Before – Bland and Blah Shower Curtain

It didn’t really help that I contributed to the blah with a beige shower curtain. Forgive me, I’m really trying to break out of my neutral zone. Slowly but surely (the tortoise won the race right???) So in an attempt to make it less blah, I added a few things. One trip to Target and a bag full of towels later, this is what I ended up with.

new towels

new towels


Folding up towels in a basket lends a spa feel in my tiny bathroom and a plant gives this dark space life. With little surface space, I really had to keep accessories to a minimum. Necessary items only allowed in this bathroom.



I love this shower curtain from Target. The colors and the pattern makes it a little more interesting in here. I mean, this is the only view from the toilet.


I also updated a horrible flower print painting with a little paint.

While this bathroom update isn’t life changing or perfection by any stretch of the imagination, I actually don’t shake my head anymore when I walk in. A few more accessories and storage solutions and I’ll be totally satisfied with my rental bathroom.

What ideas do you have for updating a small rental bathroom?


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